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It was my pleasure to judge tonight’s #MKDreamBeautiful contest in Hong Kong where we named Shu Yu Wei the next face of #MaryKay Asia! Huge congratulations to all the models and IBC’s!! 👌💋

Well done is better than well said. - Great reminder courtesy of @real_simple #simplystated


Great end to my #Dallas visit! Re-gram of a post by @wkempf “So excited to meet two of our AMAZING #MaryKay Global Makeup Artists today. So nice to meet you @luiscascomakeup and @diana_carreiro! #mklove” #globalartist #makeupartist

#tbt When Happy Hour: it’s what’s for dinner meant you were a survivor @laurenbbenson @peeblessilva @btwise #firstbizcards #workinggirls #dallas


Introducing Hyperlapse from Instagram

Since launching nearly four years ago, it has always been a priority to bring the Instagram community simple yet powerful tools that let people capture moments and express their creativity. Today, we’re excited to announce Hyperlapse from Instagram, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion.

Traditionally, time lapse videos depend on holding your phone or camera still while you film. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel—a feat that has previously only been possible with expensive equipment.

We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible. You don’t need an account to create a hyperlapse. Instead, you open up straight to the camera. Tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop. Choose a playback speed that you like between 1x-12x and tap the green check mark to save it to your camera roll. You can share your video on Instagram easily from there.

From documenting your whole commute in seconds or the preparation of your dinner from start to finish to capturing an entire sunset as it unfolds, we’re thrilled about the creative possibilities Hyperlapse unlocks. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.

To learn more about what stabilization looks like in Hyperlapse, check out this video.

To learn more about Hyperlapse from Instagram, check out

Hyperlapse from Instagram is available today for iOS devices in Apple’s App Store. It is currently only available for iOS.

First Impressions: The Simpsons MAC Collection - – As soon as The Simpsons MAC collection arrived at my house today, I knew that a First Impressions post was necessary. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons (and currently engrossed in #EverySimpsonsEver), this is a collector’s dream. The packaging reminds me a lot of MAC’s former collaborations with Hello Kitty and…


music by Us The Duo

Every day, millions of people open Vine to share memories in the moment. Today, Vine unlocks a new camera that gives you the freedom to create a Vine in any way you want. The new camera offers powerful ways to edit your videos as well as the ability to import…


the dreamer, the achiever, the hostess, the intellectual, the stylist, the confidant, the beautician, the explorer.

my first introduction to darling magazine & her editor-in-chief, sarah dubbeldam, was back in january, where we were both taking part at painstakingly made. on the surface i was drawn to the magazine’s weight, that clean & pressed title on the front, the pages saturated with color & the smell of ink. i was intrigued by the way the different personas of a woman were identified & illustrated. & i adored the very large display featuring the magazine’s mission statement, beautifully & fittingly hand-lettered.

once home, i began to dive into the magazine’s insides, & — while this feeling may be due to my all-girls high school experience — seeing content that really rooted for womankind was deeply comforting. there are articles to encourage you, to sweeten & cheer you, to listen, & to celebrate you. such a sincere magazine.

darling magazine is about to release their third issue, but for this & future issues, it’s only made possible through your support via pre-orders & subscriptions. get a hold of this springtime issue, for yourself & for the women you know, & you’ll see a bit of this..!

the hand-lettering above is by angela duncan southern.

"The woman we respect is firm yet gracious, strategic and knowledgable, a teacher but first a student." Wednesday inspiration from @jesspuccinelli via @darlingmagazine #thatsdarling

A toast to friends with all the answers. @aronck reminding bridesmaids around the world not to sweat the small stuff. #funnyfriends #weddingseason #bridesmaidsarentoldmaids #laughatwhitney #sharpie



We all have those days… Those days where you so DO NOT feel like Glen Coco. Instead you feel like, Cady Heron circa her not-so-cute Halloween party days. But don’t fear, if you want to feel better right now, there are little things to do that will improve you day! These are the things I do…

Gallery wall complete. Drooling over my new faux bamboo vanity mirror from my fabulous mother!! Thanks @kathykempf! You are my inspiration! #ialwayscallmymomthatladyssupercool #krazykat #goldisthenewblack

Can you spot the Mike Birbiglia fan? Welcome to the stage Mike Ba-hoosky!!!!!!!! #moontowercomedy (at Paramount Theatre)

Words of eyeliner wisdom #Repost from @thezoereport with @repostapp

Dorking out over a really fun brand experience #tictac #nerdalert (at 2014 Deep Ellum Arts Festival)